Okmulgee Area Development Corporation


Okmulgee Area Development Corporation (OADC) is the lead economic development entity for the city of Okmulgee. They are responsible for oversight and development of available commercial and industrial property located in Okmulgee. 

Okmulgee Business Complex

Located on the northern edge of Okmulgee, this site has over 33 acres available for retail/commercial development and nearly 80 acres of prime industrial development property dissected by a mile long rail spur. 

Okmulgee Regional Air Park

Okmulgee Regional Air Park has over 600 acres available for light industrial development. The airpark is home to Covington Aircraft, a company which specializes in rebuilding aircraft engines with clientele from around the globe. Our goal is to build on this market niche and recruit complementary businesses to eventually provide the capacity to completely remodel and upgrade private and small commercial aircraft. 


Other viable sites are available in Okmulgee and the surrounding areas which can be thoroughly explored through the OADC Website.