It's my property, why do I need a building permit?

Okmulgee, like other cities and many counties in Oklahoma, has adopted a set of uniform building, electrical, plumbing, and mechanical (heat and air) codes that provide minimum standards for new construction and renovations. The codes not only protect the lives of people living in homes or working in buildings, but they protect adjacent properties and their occupants. Building permits and inspections assure these minimum standards are followed. 

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1. It's my property, why do I need a building permit?
2. What are the codes the City uses?
3. Can the Building Inspector help me plan my building?
4. How much will a building permit cost?
5. What plans should be submitted with a permit application?
6. How long does it take to get a building permit?
7. Who can do the work?
8. Why does the City do inspections?
9. How do I request and inspection?
10. Why are some inspections performed in groups?
11. When is a Certificate of Occupancy (CO) required?
12. What are the requirements for fences?
13. Is a permit needed to fix or replace a roof?