1. Stormwater
  2. Illegal Dumping


The Federal Clean Water Act classifies run-off within settlements over a certain size to be point sources of pollution. This run-off, either as snow-melt or stormwater discharge from streets, sidewalks, houses, businesses parking lots and other impermeable surfaces is required to be regulated for pollutants. These can include:

  • Silts, salts, and sands from construction sites and street applications
  • Oils and fats from businesses and homes
  • Household pollutants like pesticides, animal waste, lawn clippings, leaf and tree debris
  • Sanitary sewer overflows from homes and municipal sewers
  • Petrochemicals like tars, lubricants, and oils from streets and vehicles
  • Household trash


The City of Okmulgee falls under the requirements of the act and must maintain a discharge permit with the Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality. This permit called an OKRO4, establishes several responsibilities for the city:

  • Conduct dry weather screenings of stormwater outfalls throughout the city and its surroundings to detect potential pollution 
  • Establish ordinances and guidelines to encourage green space, proper stormwater management and low impact development
  • Establish best management practices (BMP's) that: 
    • Control construction site silt and trash run-off
    • Educate the public about consequences of illegal dumping, pesticides, oil spills, yard debris and others to the local environment
    • Encourage civic participation in clean-up efforts
    • Promote spill and leak mitigation at municipal and industrial sites

2021 ODEQ Notice of Intent for Stormwater Discharge (PDF)

Stormwater Management Program Phase II (PDF)

2022 Annual Stormwater Report (PDF)


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